The classes are sold in blocks of 6 for £15 per hour. The first lesson is free so the first block of 6 is £75, and thereafter it will be £90 for 6.

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How long do I commit for?

Although there is a limit of 10 pupils, expectations are of 3-6 pupils per class.

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How big are the classes?

Blue would be for pupils struggling with Maths who need support to help reach grade 4.

Green is for pupils looking for the highest grades 6-9 at GCSE.

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What are the blue/green classes?
How do I pay?

I will email you my bank details for a bank transfer to made in advance of the lessons.  Payment will need to be received by 2 days prior to the first lesson.

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Sessions will continue to run during the school holidays.  If you are unable to attend due to a holiday please let me know in advance and I will reschedule with no additional cost.

What happens if we are on holiday?

I understand pupils will be unwell from time to time so I will offer I free rearrangement with every block of 6 lessons booked.  Please ensure you give a minimum of 2 hours notice.

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What happens if my child is ill?